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andhim - huso (armonica remix)


A common thread runs through everything German duo, Andhim are about. They’ve developed a signature sound that has managed to connect even their earliest breakout moments- like their frolicsome Theophilus London remix from 2012 and their nostalgic, Aretha Franklin-sampling “Hausch” release the following year for Get Physical to their latest Superfriends offering, the mystic “Huso” EP.

Andhim’s offerings have generally fallen into one of two categories to date. The first would be their more emotive side as with the booming bassline of the “Tosch” release which feature vocals by Piper Davis and of course their seminal Elderbrook collaboration. Things get a bit more playful however in their groove-oriented jams like “Rollercoaster” and “Mr. Bass.” It’s clear from both tracks on the “Huso” EP out on September 15th that the duo of is insistent upon challenging themselves by incorporating fresh elements into their productions. “Compared to our previous releases on the label ‘Huso’ goes in a totally new direction again. We just love to show our full spectrum. This time we gave the music an oriental touch which we never did before,” the duo of Simon Haehnel and Tobias Mueller explains.

Both tracks on this EP are grounded in organic, clunky grooves just as their thrilling remixes of Roosevelt as well as Eating Snow are. “Huso” is a bombastic march of a track- an electrifying step forward from the deliciously wonky “Eberplatz” included on their “Donner” EP released in June while “Amene” is lighter yet quality day party fare that still manages to be dramatic and exotic in its own right.

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