“Il medico di campagna” with François Cluzet, hitting cinemas on Dec. 22


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  Nov. 22, 2016 | by RDM Editorial Staff

François Cluzet, loved by the public in 'Quasi Amici', returns on the screen in the role of Jean-Pierre, a country doctor devoted to his work and with an extraordinary humanity towards his patients. At his side, a fascinating Marianne Denicourt, who shares with him a "vocation", that one of the doctor: caring for others and building a relationship of deep trust with patients. A story of empathy and humanity, directed by Thomas Lilti, former physician who, after Hippocrates, is back to to tell more about his profession in this exciting Christmas movie, 'Il medico di campagna', from December 22 hitting cinemas all over Italy.

"Before dedicating myself to the movies, I was a doctor" - says the director, Thomas Lilti. "Thanks to my profession I was able to make substitutions in rural areas. Those years during which, as a young man, I was called to take the place of highly experienced doctors who practiced in the country, helped me to grow. Once I became a director, of course, I had the wish to transform all the material I had stored in those experiences, in a movie. From the point of view of a writer, the figure of the country doctor is absolutely one of the most novelistic ".

"I have always wanted to be an actor, not for acting, but to live, to live the characters - says the protagonist, François Cluzet. "Thanks to this job I have lived many lives as if they were pieces of whole lives. The idea to believe that a doctor has always been a dream. I think many of us want to have the kind of relationship with humans, with health, with healing, with failure, with all the melodramatic upheavals that offers the practice of medicine."

Synopsis - All the residents of a country town can count on Jean-Pierre, the doctor who listens to them, cure them and reassures them day and night, seven days a week. Sick in turn, Jean-Pierre witnessed the arrival of Nathalie, holding the medical profession for a short time and left the hospital where she worked to support him. But will she adapt to this new life and to replace the one who believes to be ... Irreplaceable?



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