mariana rodriguez leaves everyone breathless with poses and sexy bikini on gf vip


mariana rodriguez leaves everyone breathless Grande Fratello Vip 

  Oct. 07, 2016 | by RDM Editorial Staff

If there is a competitor who is making herself heard in the first edition of Big Brother VIP, broadcast on Channel 5, as much for her statuesque body  and for her curves and sexy clothing, this is the beautiful Mariana Rodriguez. The Venezuelan model, which has become known in Italy participating in television programs such as "Ciak Si Canta", "Veline", "Pechino Express 3"and "Si Può Fare", is charming now viewers throughout Italy with her super sexy bikini worn for the reality show Big Brother VIP.

The rumors in the past have approached her to Fabrizio Corona, the Neapolitan rapper Clementino and the model Filippo Di Renzo.
Seductive, bewitching and beautiful, everybody was impressed by the perfect body of the model, her sensuality and her B side then are very accentuated by the swimming suits she's wearing in the most watched house in Italy: between a shower and the other, the South American 25 year old glued to the TV millions of viewers, indulging in ballets and exciting exercise with her unruly curves.

The tens of thousands of fans who boasts about various social channels inevitably have placed at the center and wondered sexy clothing brand worn by Rodriguez. The network does not forgive you know, and little did it take so that fans discovered that super sexy bikini worn by Mariana are "Waikiki Beachwear" (for lovers of fashion

Mariana Rodriguez is doing much to observe the walls of the Big Brother VIP house with creations ranging from the top to the full, to slip, up to a number of particular ideas for the "out of water" that emphasize the glamor and exclusive taste . The brand owners said they were pleasantly surprised by the choice of Rodriguez, stressing that the VIPs always ride the best trends of the moment to stand out the most. "The leaders Waikiki Beachwear who chose denote a very fine taste and strong, and it is for us the real appreciation of the work done until now," explained the happy owners of the brand.


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