Ligabue: today released "Made in Italy", the highly anticipated album


ligabue released today made in italy the highly anticipated album banner 

  Nov. 18, 2016 | by RDM Editorial Staff

Today will be released "MADE IN ITALY" (Zoo Aperto / Warner Music), the anticipated twentieth album, and eleventh of unpublished ones, of LUCIANO LIGABUE's career.

«It's a frustrated declaration of love for my country told through the story of a character (Riko) - says Ligabue - It is a real concept album (my first) but it is composed of songs. Songs that have their own life, but in that context, all together, they tell the story of an antihero.»

Produced by Luciano Luisi, with music, lyrics and arrangements by Luciano Ligabue, "MADE IN ITALY" was anticipated by the radio single "G as JUNGLE" (in rotation since September 2) and "MADE IN ITALY" (in rotation since 11 November).

This is the tracklist of the album: “La Vita Facile”; “Mi Chiamano Tutti Riko”; “È Venerdì, Non Mi Rompete I Coglioni”; “Vittime E Complici”; “Meno Male”; “G Come Giungla”; “Ho Fatto In Tempo Ad Avere Un Futuro”; “L’Occhio Del Ciclone”; “Quasi Uscito”; “Dottoressa”; “I Miei Quindici Minuti”; “Apperò”; “Made In Italy”; “Un’Altra Realtà”.

Together with Ligabue, on this record played Luciano Luisi (keyboards, vocals), Max Cottafavi (guitars), Federico Poggipollini (electric guitars, backing vocals), Davide Pezzin (bass), Michael Urbano (drums, percussion), Massimo Greco (trumpet and flugelhorn), Emiliano Vernizzi (tenor sax) and Corrado Terzi (baritone sax).


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