felon feat. kaleem taylor - isla

So what if hypnotherapy entailed a ride in a convertible through a tropical paradise while listening to soulful house grooves by Felon? Would you go or just let the guy in the pink bunny costume ride off by himself into the sunset? The London based trio have released their new official video for “Isla” and it is a party even the protagonist’s therapist joins in on that will just leave you feeling good.

It’s a proud moment for Felon and vocalist Kaleem Taylor since “ISLA” was their first collaboration in Winter 2013 and ushered in a fast rise for the trio’s star in the EDM world after it’s release. It took just one feature in the Ibizian travel agency Together’s promotional video to propel Felon in the house music stratosphere, which shows how the Internet can quickly bring bliss to millions of listeners -and viewers.

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