loco dice ft. jaw - party angels

After years of touring and DJing, Loco Dice is finally returning to the album format. The LP, titled Underground Suicide, releases on October 30, and the producer/DJ released the album’s biggest single yet a little over a week before its release. This single finds Loco Dice teaming up with recently prominent vocalist JAW, and the match-up earns a strong thumbs-up from us.

Titled “Party Angels”, the track charts a more commercial appeal for Loco Dice than what has been heard from his other releases. Loco Dice still incorporates the tenets of house: a romping bassline, deep grooves, and a steady rhythm, but he readjusts the instrumentals to fit the poppier flavor of JAW’s vocal delivery. The experiment largely works, with production flairs such as 80’s-sounding synths and warped vocals emerging as welcome nuances to the production. The track runs a bit too long, but we can see it fitting in more so in the larger context of the Underground Suicide album.

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